Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's Exercise: Remembered just before 7 when I saw an exercise machine commercial. ^_^ It's so much easier to remember when I come home from work. Did rung 5 and didn't even feel tired afterward... of course, my hands were occupied with the Gamecube controller while I was running. Dunno whether that matters.

Today's Gaming: I put Wind Waker aside and started playing Metroid Prime from the beginning on normal mode. I got Power Bombs, which is one of the three hardest parts of the game (aside from beating the Omega Pirate and Meta Ridley... the real difficulty in Power Bombs is that there's no save point for rooms and rooms beforehand, and there are two bosses to fight along the way), and put in some time on Dark Cloud 2 in the evening.

Other stuff I did today: Um... oh, yeah. I watched the third DVD of Gatekeepers and the fifth episode of Bleach between the morning cartoons and the evening cartoons. I watch a lot of cartoons on Saturdays, don't I? There is something I've been thinking about, though. I can't explain the thought process involved, but trying to decide what anime I want to watch is sometimes more amusing than actually watching it. It seems that there are a number of series (like Gatekeepers) that I really like but don't particularly want to watch. I'll almost always say I want to watch one and then end up choosing something else. Then I'll decide that I absolutely must watch THAT DVD and no other... so I'll go do something else instead of watching anime. There was just something about the situation today, where I had exactly two hours before the cartoons started and I didn't want to tire of Metroid Prime before then, so I needed to fit in an anime DVD and Gatekeepers finally made the list. And it was great. Most of what I have amuses me greatly, but for some reason, I just don't want to put the DVD in the drive and commit myself to watching episodes. Same sort of thing with manga, but on a much smaller scale, and it's a lot easier to put a manga three or four books down in my stack and trick myself into reading it when I get there. I don't keep a stack of anime. I don't watch it fast enough to make it worthwhile.

Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi 3 arrived today with the figurines and Gatekeepers 6 (the other reason I managed to convince myself to watch some tonight). Hopefully, disc 2 and the other two figurines won't be far behind... I think they're being shipped from California, so they'll probably take a little longer than the Animenation shipments do. I really hope they all get here by Thursday... I'll have to put my mail on hold over the weekend. That's the main reason I haven't placed another order yet, even though there's plenty I want to order. Galaxy Angel Z 2, I think Onegai Twins 2 is up, and I'll have to look into more Chrono Crusade and Wedding Peach. And of course, Fullmetal Alchemist if I'm enjoying it enough.

Speaking of Fullmetal Alchemist, it starts in a few minutes. I should either try to pay attention to it tonight or go to bed before it starts and watch it tomorrow. Depends on how tired I feel. Maybe I should write something. I've got plenty of options. That always makes it hard to find something to do, doesn't it?

Nearly forgot to mention another one of those weird figurine-related thoughts I had while assembling the new ones (Chika's leg isn't attached very well, and the angle at which she ends up leaning makes me worry she's going to fall over... this has been a big problem for many of the figurines I've got)... The Ai Yori Aoshi figurines mostly fit together with tabs and slots, but each one sits on a stone with nothing more than a tiny groove to keep them in place. This means that if I ever move and have to separate them from their bases, I'll have to put them back together by matching butts to butt-grooves. I think I'll probably just take napoleonherself's suggestion and wage a battle between the Ai Yori Aoshi hot springs girls and some G.I. Joes. Or the Galaxy Angels. They'll need a Sakura or two as backup, of course... I expect Chii would just sit and watch. Should I make some concerted effort to get a male figurine at some point? The predominant gender of my collection never really struck me until just now.

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