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Today's Bridge: We had two learners join us for some interesting hands. Brooklyn was my partner, and we started defending a 2H where Jerry and I each had five spades. He wasn't expecting the split and gave up a crossruff to end up off one. I raised Brooklyn's clubs when she bid to show four of them and I had five to the J-10 - she only had three, and we ended up off one. I advised the play and probably didn't take the best line, but I don't think we'd have made it no matter what we'd done. She had S 10-x H x-x-x D A-Q-J-x-x C A-Q-4 and I had S Q-J-x-x H K-x-x D x C J-10-x-x-x - they took two spades and led a third through Brooklyn's hand, and since ruffing high seemed like a losing play, I recommended that she sluff a heart. Jerry led back the queen of hearts, covered with the king and ace for a second spade ruff. Jerry led a diamond, establishing one to cover my last losing heart after pulling trump. Naturally, the king fell after Jerry had ruffed twice. Ruffing the first spade high would have meant leading a club into Jerry's king, and he could still exit with a heart to get a second lead through for another ruff. Ruffing that high means cashing the ace of diamonds, ruffing a diamond to get to the board's trump, and needing a ruffing finesse in diamonds that fails. We still have two heart losers and no way to get rid of them, so the opponents get three hearts and the king of clubs in addition to the two spades. I think I picked the best line. I made 1C against a 5-1 trump split, and then Brooklyn underbid a hand that made 4H without too much trouble, so we were stuck with a partscore of 80. Finally, I picked up S A-10-x H 10-x-x D x-x C A-Q-J-x-x and decided to open 1C in first seat, prepared to bid weak the rest of the auction. Carlos overcalled 2S and Brooklyn bid 3H, so I decided to take the risk and bid 3NT. Brooklyn considered bidding further, but I didn't mind that she passed. Her hand was the impressive S x H A-K-Q-J-x-x D A-K-x C 4-3-2, and the king of clubs was onside, so it would have made slam or even grand slam - as it was, I ducked the first two spades on principle, and Carlos led a club, so I got the rest. If I'm in slam, obviously, I take the ace of spades on the second trick (first in grand, obviously) and cross to the board in hearts to run the club finesse, then diamonds for the second finesse, since I need three club tricks to bring my six hearts, two diamonds, and one spade up to twelve. I also need the 3-2 club split to make 7, but I think they were split.

Today's Work: I got the new assignment from yesterday and spent the entire day studying someone else's code. I got the idea and made some suggestions before I left for the day. I'll find out what they thought of them next week. It all seems straightforward enough to me.

Amazingly, after I took the Immodium last night, the side effects pretty much stopped. I still barely slept, but a bit more like the way I used to barely sleep before taking the medication. I'd like to try to sleep more tonight, but I'm drinking Mtn Dew because it's about all Taco Bell had that I wanted to drink. I guess I'll see how it turns out. It's been a few hours since the most recent dose and no major side effects yet. I think maybe I was just dehydrated the last few days. Sounds weird, but plausible. I'll need to drink a lot of water anyway because I have a blood test tomorrow morning.

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