Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

An observation

During the ongoing press conference where President Bush is speaking alongside Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Great Bitten, his outline for the peace plan between Israel and Palestine contains repeated and belabored reference to the eventual goal of creating "two democratic states". Isn't Bush the last person who should be talking about democratic states right now?

He also claims to have defeated Cynicism. Cynicism will never die, and those who think otherwise are a bunch of idiots. But isn't it nice that we're not forcing our system of government on anyone? We're forcing them to choose their own presidents, as we Americans well know is a process that can't possibly divide a country in two or cause unrest between factions of a population.

Tony Blair's opening remarks sounded like the Spanish Inquisition sketch: "There are three things we need to do to achieve world peace, in addition to the election in Palestine.... The third thing we need to do is actually two things...." FOUR! FOUR things we need to do to achieve world peace! Turn Israel and Palestine into TWO DEMOCRATIC STATES, finish our business in Iraq and get the hell - FIVE things! - get the hell out of there and - SIX things! - let them run the country themselves, bring about democracy in Afghanistan, get the American people to stop whining about the results of the election and learn to live with it now that it's over, and get everyone snazzy red unif- Hang on, I'll come in again.

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