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Today's Bridge: I wasn't quite the lowest draw, so Jerry and I teamed up, and we sure blundered our way to victory. Mostly me. I had 14 points and 4-4-3-2 distribution, so I opened 1D... not noticing that Jerry had already opened 1C, because I was distracted by the discussion about the previous hand that was still going on well into the auction. He bid 1NT, but I figured we probably had a four-card major and bid 2H in search of it. When he came back with 2S, I jumped to 4, and he made it. In the next hand, I had something like S K-Q-J-x-x H 5 D A-x-x-x C x-x, and when Jerry opened 1S, I think I underbid a little at 3S, but with Ken's 2C overcall in there, slam seemed unlikely. There was always the possibility that Jerry would pass, but he raised to game, and when Ken started by cashing the A-K of clubs, I figured we'd made the right choice. Then my hand turned up one card short at the end - fortunately, when the missing card turned up on the floor, it was a nondescript diamond and Jerry hadn't yet played all of mine, so it didn't affect the outcome and we still made the contract. Kevin tried for a spade slam, but Ken passed the Blackwood 4NT - we could potentially have set it if we'd attacked hearts properly, since I had six and Kevin had none, but we only got the two aces in my hand. It looked like it would have made 6S. Jerry bid pretty aggressively in a hand where I only supported him with the bare minimum and corrected his 3H rebid to 3S despite holding S x-x-x H Q-J-x-x, since he'd opened spades - he raised to game and went down two doubled. Ken declared 4H on the next hand with awful splits against him - Jerry and I set up a crossruff between spades and diamonds, and Ken didn't ruff high enough soon enough to render my A-6-3-2 as useless as it should have been - he ruffed with the 4 first, so I covered, and when he ruffed with the 8 the next time, I covered again because Jerry had one more heart to ruff with. He was also playing with a 4-3 fit, which is why I didn't double despite it looking hopeless - they had a nice club fit that they could potentially have corrected to. So our two-trick set was doubled and theirs wasn't, giving them the win.

Today's Work: I finally finished enough of my contemplation of the problem to start working on half of it. I didn't quite finish, but I have most of the framework for receiving the information and using it. I just still need to decide exactly what format to send it in, and I think I've decided on that as well, at least for now.

I made the first call to a doctor's office today, but then I sat on hold for ten minutes and finally decided to leave a message and give up. I may try again tomorrow.

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