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Well, there you go.

Today's Exercise: Rung 5. I kept count until the number of running steps from rung 2, and I was barely winded then. Improvement!

A long outing today, since Mike and Paul S. were in a meeting through most of lunch, but Mike showed up just as we were packing up and took Kelly's place for a second rubber. Paul H. and I kicked a lot of butt overall. I missed a 5C contract by one trick, which would have been two had they taken their king of hearts... I got to toss my long hearts on the diamonds I'd set up on the board. Then there was a hand where they jumped to 5D pretty quickly after I'd takeout doubled Mike's 1D opener... actually, I had only 15 points not counting the singleton diamond, but Dan bid 2D, I think, and Paul supported my good A-Q-x-x-x of spades. Then Mike bid 5D, and I didn't feel right bidding 5S, so I doubled on the strength of my three aces. They were all good, and we set them one trick. Good enough for me. There was another hand where Dan opened 1C and Kelly bid 2C despite having only three of them... we're still working on that.

More Wind Waker... I can't figure out where to get a picture of the Wind Spirit, which stinks, because I know I got the Earth Spirit's picture the first time through the game. He'll probably show up later. At least I finally got a picture of Prince Komali. Also Bleach episode 6.

Here's an interesting game I grabbed from steaksammich and screwed up when I tried to participate... but he doesn't know me very well anyway, so I probably just spared him weeks of agonizing anonymous comments. I realize I'm inviting the same thing on myself, so I'm holding people to the honor system that you're either on my friends list or you've commented to one of my entries at least once. Here's how it goes, minus the typos:

Comment to this entry ANONYMOUSLY with the following:

-- an insult
-- a secret
-- a criticism
-- a compliment
-- a death threat
-- a love note
-- lyrics to a song
-- a hint to who you are

And I have to guess, from all of that information, who you are. I doubt I'll get a single one right, but we'll see. I've met enough of the people on my list (who actually read this journal) and I think the rest are distinctive enough I should be within 5 of the right answer. I'll leave it to you to puzzle out what that means.

I'll probably be home all day tomorrow, unless I decide to do something crazy like get a haircut. This probably means lots more Wind Waker, but I really should start watching anime again. I have most of Slayers and Mahoujin Guru Guru ahead of me, and I've only watched two DVDs of Gatekeepers... the sixth one will be here before Sugoicon.

It's pretty late... I should do that sleep thing. Link doesn't sleep, but I do. At least, I hope I do. Otherwise, I'm wasting a lot of time at night that I could be using to watch anime. I need to decide whether or not to buy Fullmetal Alchemist pretty soon. I've got other stuff to order with it.
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