Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I saw some weird things today but can't tell you about all of them

Today's Bridge: We ended up in 3NT with a heart fit - I had S K-10-x H K-10-x-x D A-J-x-x-x-x, which was close enough to an opening bid for me to open 1D. Paul responded 2C, of course, and since that denied four hearts, I saw no reason to name mine and bid 2D. He bid 3C, so I gave up and bid 3NT. He had S J-x H A-J-8-x D x C A-K-J-10-x-x, so we missed the fit, but I don't know how much luck we'd have had in 4H. Thanks to us not bidding hearts, the opening lead was a heart, so I got the ten in hand, cashed the king, crossed to the ace, cashed the top two clubs, led the jack of clubs to draw the queen, won the diamond return with the ace, crossed to the jack of hearts, and ran the rest of the clubs for an overtrick. The opponents answered with a 6NT that I don't think we could have beaten if we'd tried, and then we threw one in, so I introduced everyone to the goulash. It leads to some weird distributions, and this was no exception - Dan H. had eight spades and four little diamonds, Paul had eight hearts to the A-K-Q-J and no diamonds, Ken had the remaining five hearts and six clubs, and I had seven diamonds to the A-Q-10 and five clubs to the A-Q. The auction went 3S-4H-P-5D. 4H was makeable because Ken had a spade void and couldn't attack the suit, so Paul could cover his singleton king of clubs with my ace, cash the queen (Dan had a singleton but no hearts to ruff with) and the ace of diamonds, and get seven guaranteed trump to go with the three side suit tricks. On a diamond lead, he gets one more. As it was, 5D was doomed and there was no way they'd have made 3S - given Paul's Q-x-x-x of spades, they only get seven spades, and they can't possibly get a diamond, they're not going to get a heart with Paul exiting with top hearts every time he gets a spade, and my clubs are poised to stop them getting any tricks in that suit. Goulashes are surprisingly fun.

Today's Work: I got a new assignment that's a little closer to my wheelhouse than what I've been doing for the past week, so I'm looking forward to getting to that. Then, on the way home, a turkey darted out of the bushes right in front of my car. Fortunately, as we all know, I'm very familiar with the suicidal tendencies of turkeys and managed to slow down to avoid hitting it. Then I blew up some cooking oil and got it all over the kitchen. That was a mess to clean up. Literally.
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