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Today's Bridge: Dan C. and I teamed up against Dan H. and Kevin, and we got off to a poor start but came back in the end, more thanks to Dan than to me, I think. We started with a fairly simple auction - 1C-1H-Dbl-1S, and since I'd opened with five clubs and I had four diamonds, 2D was the natural bid. Dan raised to 3D, but he only had three diamonds and three clubs. For some reason, he thought I'd opened 1D, even though the cards were right there. The opening lead was the queen of spades through Dan's K-x-x to my 10-x-x, and I think my decision to duck was right, but it's a losing play when the lead is from Q-J, which it was in this case. The only direction the trump finesse made sense was the losing direction and I ended up off one. Kevin got into a bad 3C where I had J-10-9-8-x of trump, ending up off three, and I redoubled a 5D because I was thinking of raising to slam and didn't, but that was off one. It wasn't until the fifth or sixth hand that anybody made a contract. I had S K-9-x-x H 4-3 D A-K-J-10-x C Q-J, so I opened 1D, and when Dan jumped to 3C, I figured there was little point to bidding anything but 3NT. He actually had four spades, S A-x-x-x H A-Q-6 C A-10-x-x-x-x, but chose to show his clubs first because they were longer. It may be for the best - the opponents' spade strength didn't come to anything when they weren't trump. I ducked the opening heart lead, and Dan H. took it with the jack. Whether he didn't have another heart to lead or just didn't want to lead into a tenace, I don't know, but he picked a diamond (understandably), so I took the king, ran the Q-J of clubs, both opponents following, and crossed to the ace of spades to run the clubs, throwing the heart, a diamond, a spade, and another diamond. Kevin shed several spades to the ten, but I think he was trying to keep the king of hearts, queen of diamonds, and queen of spades protected and could only manage two. I cashed the ace of hearts, and when the king didn't fall, I crossed to the king of spades and cashed the ace of diamonds, and on those two tricks, the last spade honors and the queen of diamonds fell, so I got the nine of spades and the jack of diamonds for three overtricks. Not worth bidding as a slam. Kevin made a 5C with a giant crossruff, giving my Q-J-10 of trump the last two tricks only, and then Dan bid up to 4C while I passed the whole time and the opponents ended up finding a fit in hearts. Kevin doubled, and with S J-x-x H x-x-x D 9-x-x-x-x C K-x, I considered redoubling but figured this was a sacrifice and left it alone. The opening lead was the queen of spades, which Kevin covered with the ace, cashed the ace of diamonds, then led a second diamond that Dan ruffed. He pulled two rounds of trump, ending with the king, then finessed the queen of hearts, losing to Dan H.'s king. He led back a spade to Dan C.'s king, and Dan ran his trump and had the ace of hearts and a spade left to get to the good jack.

The toilet was not installed again today - it turns out it's too big for the space I have. My guest said there's a term I need to look for to find a small enough toilet, but they can't remember what that word is, so it's not going to be much use. We ran out to buy some anti-allergy stuff when I got home from work, so once again I have little time to myself this evening. At least I took the opportunity to buy a new sleep mask and a wedge pillow. It stinks, so I'll need to wash the cover when I get the chance, but it props me up pretty well. I think I can deal with the smell for one night.

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