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Today's Bridge: We had a great rubber that started with a very unusual hand. Paul opened 2C in third seat and with S 6 H x-x-x-x D A-K-J-9-x-x-x C 10, I decided to mess with their auction with 3D. It worked. Paul doubled, probably for SOS rather than penalty (but with a 2C hand, penalty makes sense) and Jerry went ahead and converted to penalty. Dan H. had the good grace not to redouble with S ?-x-x H x-x D 10-8-x C A-J-10-x-x, not that anyone would have redoubled with that hand. I'm sure Paul would have switched to some suit, and the opponents probably clean up in spades. As it was, Jerry started with a club, so I took it and led a heart in the hope of ruffing one or two before I ran out of diamonds. Paul pounced on it and cashed his ace of hearts before switching to the king of clubs, which I think was a tactical error. I ruffed the club and ran the ace of diamonds, to which Paul showed out. Given that I had a guaranteed diamond loser, I decided to crossruff. Paul dropped the queen on the club, so I ruffed back and ran the jack of clubs, throwing off my spade. Jerry ruffed with the seven, but that left him with the stiff queen and I had nothing but K-J-9-x of trump left for an overtrick. Had Paul held the ace of hearts, I'd have had to lead another heart after the club ruff, and the spade switch would have been abundantly obvious. They still hold me to the contract, though, taking two hearts, a spade, and the guaranteed diamond. I opened 1NT with S A-K-Q H J-8-x D K-x C K-x-x-x-x (really low clubs), and the opponents somehow ended up in 3S. I don't think our defense was the best (I started with the ace of trump, then a low heart through Jerry's K-Q-x-x, and Dan took the ace and led a heart back - fortunately, the 8 was enough to pull the king, but I think a diamond around to the J-x-x was a better lead. Dan suspected I might have led a singleton or doubleton, but I wouldn't bid 1NT on a weak doubleton and I didn't have even the queen), but we set them two. We finished the rubber with a 2H followed by a 2S, and then things fell apart. I declared 3S with S K-x-x-x H Q-J-x D J-x-x C K-J-10 facing S 10-8-6-x H K-x-x-x D J x-x C Q-x-x or so, and things went pretty well until the last few tricks. I forgot which spade was out other than the A-Q and ruffed my jack of diamonds with a low spade, which Paul overruffed with the nine. Had I ruffed with the ten, he'd either have had to let me take it or cover with the ace - Jerry would still get the queen to set me, but I think it was a better play. Dan showed me up in the last hand, though - fourth in hand, he ruffed my good jack of diamonds with the top trump, establishing the final two tricks for Paul and handing them the contract. Considering that the endplay I was trying to establish wouldn't have worked anyway, I think that was the bigger error.

Today's Work: I had to bounce between my cold office and a hot conference room. Not comfortable or fun. But I finally got to test some of what I was working on for the past few weeks, so it was worth it.

My guest had some errands to run this evening, so I finally got the chance to turn in the U-Verse box, and we grabbed dinner from Moe's. I'm going to suffer for it later, but it was as good as ever.

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