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Today's Bridge: I got a bit ambitious on the first hand and jumped to 4D with a very long suit and a singleton in Paul's spades, but we just didn't have enough power outside those suits and I was off two. That was the only score the opponents got in the rubber, though, since I picked up a 4S on the next hand, and they went for a couple of notrump contracts that didn't pan out. I opened 1D with S x-x-x H J-x-x D K-Q-J-x-x C A-8 or so, third seat, Ken overcalled 1S, Paul bid 1NT, Dan H. bid 2H, I passed, and Ken bid 2NT. Rather than lead his A-x of diamonds to give us the first six tricks, Paul made the worst possible lead under the circumstances - a club. Ken missed the cue and thought it was a 3-3 split, but that pulled my outside entry before I could set up my diamonds, and while Paul could have made up for his mistake by covering my king with his ace and leading the low one back, since the suit split 5-3-3-2, he blocked the suit and I had to throw diamonds away. It was still a two-trick set, but I think it was bad practice and gave him a really hard time about it. They didn't have a suit fit in the next hand and ended up in 3NT, and I had the clubs well-stopped while Paul covered spades and diamonds. They got five hearts and the other three aces, and that was it, surprisingly. I opened 1S with S A-K-J-x-x H K-x-x D K-10-x-x C x, Paul shifted to 2C, I bid 2D, and he raised to 3D. My hand was about as strong as it could be without being worth a jump, so I raised to 4D, and he gave it a lot of thought before raising to game. I can understand, with S x-x H A-Q D A-J-x-x C K-x-x-x-x. On the surface, it seems to depend entirely on finding the queen of diamonds, but with no bidding to go on, I wanted a better chance. I took the opening heart lead and finessed the jack of spades immediately, both as a safety play and because if I could get that or the king of clubs, it would save me a ruff and let me pull three rounds of diamonds safely. Ken had the queen of spades and took it, but then forgot that diamonds were trump and led a low one. I still had to guess which honor to cash to check for a 4-1 split, but I figured that if he'd had a singleton diamond and intended to lead it, he'd have opened with it, and if Dan had the remaining three diamonds, he'd get the nine anyway because I'd have to use the jack and king pulling his queen, so I cashed the king. The split was 3-2, so I pulled the queen (Ken had it) and crossed back to my spades, since I figured I'd need to ruff one to set up the suit. But they were also 3-3, so I held the last two and led the club just in case Ken had the ace and held up for a round. Dan had the ace, though, and I just made the contract. I think a better strategy would have been to start with the top two trump, then establish spades with a ruff so I'd have clubs double-stopped with my diamonds. I'm pretty sure the opponents made their contract for the one-hand rubber that followed, and I was surprised that they didn't investigate slam, but they made 5H pretty easily and had a play for 6 except for my club lead setting up Paul's king - I had the ace of trump, so they couldn't possibly get rid of enough clubs before he would get it.

Today's Work: I went and got the hardware I needed to test my work, and it worked perfectly. No changes needed. At least, with properly formatted input. I managed to break it by giving it bad input and made some changes to correct that, which I think finishes the effort that I estimated at two and a half weeks in three days. Now I have to find something else to do for the next few weeks. Hopefully, there will be something waiting for me back at the office. For now, it's late and since I'm finally starting to develop a sleep schedule again, I should get to it immediately.

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