Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

My neck is even worse than yesterday. I really hope it stops soon.

Today's Bridge: I used my free play, and I almost wish I hadn't. I made two contracts I shouldn't have and probably misbid one that had no hope, but might have had a bit less no hope had I switched suits. We started with a 3S - S J-10-x-x-x-x H x-x-x D J C ?-?-? facing S A-K-x H K-Q D A-10-9-8-x C ?-?-? - I forget the club situation, but I'm pretty sure I ended up losing one. The bidding marked Paul's spade lead as a singleton, so I let Jerry have the queen and took the club return in my hand. I led the jack of diamonds, queen, ace, low. With only the king left to cover the board's diamonds, I led the ten, and Jerry ruffed. I overruffed, and at that point, I should have changed my strategy - I now had a long spade on the board to ruff my extra heart loser. Instead, I persisted in trying to set up the diamonds and sluffed the long heart in the end. Paul failed to play the ace when I led a heart up for the entry to the last diamond, so I still got the overtrick, but it was guaranteed and the hand probably should have been bid that way. The opponents made 5C right after that, and the rest of the rubber was mostly in their favor. We set them a few times, but when I overcalled a rather weak 2D, Ken bid 2H, 3H, 4D, with just eight points. I should have held it to off five, but I threw away a top card to try to get the opponents to switch suits. They did, but I couldn't take a trick before they switched back. Oops. I could have made up for it when I opened a dubious 1NT with S A-Q-9-x H K-x-x D A-Q-J-x C x-x and it got passed out. Ken had S J-10-x-x-x H x-x D 10-x-x-x C A-x, and I got the king of hearts on the opening lead. With one suit unguarded, I decided that I needed at least one finesse to make the contract and crossed to the ace of clubs to take it. Paul had the king of spades and ran five more hearts, on which I threw my other club before the low diamond to make him think it was a stronger suit. It worked, and he led a diamond, giving me the rest. However, I had a guaranteed line for the contract by starting with a low spade from my hand, giving up the king early - if the jack holds, I lead back to my queen, and if that holds as well, cash the ace and lead the last spade. It works even against a 4-1 split, because the best they can do is take the king and their five heart tricks, and then I've got the two minor aces and the other four spade tricks to go with the king of hearts.

Today's Work: I made some things more complicated than they needed to be. I should probably trim some of the extra stuff just to make sure, but we're building up to a demo and I don't want to break anything that's working. There are big tasks I still need to get done.

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