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This week's manga: Triage X 9, Skip Beat 34, My Love Story 4, My Little Monster 7, UQ Holder 4, Attack on Titan 15, Meteor Prince 2 (the last one - and I haven't even read the first one yet), Library Wars 13, Fairy Tail 47, The Devil is a Part-Timer 1, Yukarism 2, Assassination Classroom 3, Voice Over Seiyu Academy 10, Attack on Titan Before the Fall 4, Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches 1, Citrus 2, Love at Fourteen 2, Demon From Afar 2, and the third Accel World novel.

The weather forecast for today looked a bit grim, and there was a big thunderstorm going on in the morning, so I decided I didn't want to wait around to have breakfast before getting on the road. Brian offered to drive behind me and keep an eye on me to make sure I got home okay, which I didn't imagine was necessary but accepted because it was a nice family moment, and Mom rode along because she wouldn't leave us all alone, especially since she knows the route and Brian is less familiar with the roads. Fortunately, the rain tapered off and stopped before too long, and by the time we got to my house, it had stopped completely. We brought my stuff inside and headed to Hardee's for lunch, since Brian really wanted to eat there and I don't think there's one convenient to Mom's house. So the trip turned out to be pretty beneficial for all of us, especially since they decided to take a bunch of my Doctor Who DVDs back with them, just in case they have time to watch any. Brian's become a fan of the classic Doctors, I think. I'll pick them up the next time I'm up there.

I had to run to the post office to pick up the last of my Giana Sisters Kickstarter rewards, which arrived while I was away (and in a tiny box, so I don't know why they couldn't put it in a package locker), but other than that, I've stayed home all day catching up on Youtube videos and recording more Psychonauts. As long as it isn't raining tomorrow, I'll try to do commentary then, but if it is, I'll edit the new videos.

The funny thing is that I was expecting to have E-mails in my work account hoping to arrange a meeting that was supposed to take place earlier this week or last, but there was nothing. I guess I'm off the rest of the week free and clear, then, and that meeting will be next week. I'm not going in if there's nothing to do.


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Yes, I'm THAT Nidoking. Sometimes I write fanfiction... often I waste all my time playing video games and watching anime. But it's not a waste if I enjoy it, right? I can quote from a movie, video game, anime series, or British comedy apropos of just about any situation, and one of my main goals in life is to entertain people. (The other big one is amassing as much anime and manga as I can... see below for a progress report.) That's me in a nutshell. ("Help! I'm trapped in a nutshell! What a bloody great nutshell this is!")
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