Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Happiness has to happen sometimes before I can lose it all

Today's Bridge: I had at least one makeable contract that I didn't make - I misguessed the clubs and lost enough that Jerry knocked out all of my heart controls. Given that, I had to take the diamond finesse against him, and of course, Dan had the missing queen. A few more hands like that and the opponents were well ahead going into the final hand. I had 19 points and Q-J-x of spades, so when Paul opened 1S, I was looking for slam. I think we may have had 6H, but not 6S, and there were probably two diamond losers no matter what. Granted, when the auction was 1S-P-2NT-3C-3S-P-4C-P-4S-P-5S, you can probably tell that I really, really wanted to be in slam. Lots of pressure for Paul, but he lived up to it.

Today's Work: I spent most of the day putting in my travel voucher, now that I had time to do it. The process for claiming less than my full meal allowances was pretty complicated, and I may have done it wrong, but we'll see. I have a new task for tomorrow, and I might have to spend more time on it next week, depending. I set things up so it should be pretty simple, so I guess I'll see whether I succeeded.

I got involved in a few arguments over the RFRA today, and while I doubt I convinced anybody that discrimination should be illegal, I hope I gave them something to think about. Someone even thanked me for taking up the argument and trying to persuade people, and that felt good. Really good. I hope I can remember that when I start to feel bad and useless - the things I call myself a bad person over are really small-scale, personal things, so being able to do good things on the same scale should be a source of pride. Maybe this can be my source of happiness and self-worth for a while, until I slip back again. No idea how long that's going to last.

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