Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

The Channel Awesome game show was a hilarious train wreck.

Today's Bridge: When the best thing that can be said is that your opponents swept the first rubber in two games instead of two slams, it's not a good day. We made a 3NT with three overtricks (not a slam - the opponent on lead had both black aces and just attacked diamonds so vigorously that everything set up and I could sluff my spades), and I probably should have sacrificed in 5C over their 4S in the second rubber, but I didn't know my partner had three aces (one a singleton) and I raised his 3C opener to 4C over a double to show my strength. Still, I probably should have made the bid myself.

Today's Work: I finished writing the draft of my trip report, and there was another meeting. I put something I heard from that meeting together with something from yesterday's meeting and came up with a great suggestion that upper management really liked, and I feel good about that. There hasn't been much to feel good about this week, but at least Mike Pence has pledged to make sure the RFRA gets updated to make it clear that it doesn't allow discrimination. It would have been a good idea to do that when people first pointed it out instead of doubling down up front, then making the announcement on Fox and Friends as if it had always been his plan and everyone else was preventing him from doing it by asking too many questions. I note that the man who now claims to abhor discrimination refused to even state that it shouldn't be allowed when asked, and still says that he doesn't want anti-discrimination laws on the books. But at least maybe something will be done.

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