Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I've seen the Simpsons crossed with Futurama and Family Guy in one night.

Today was a perfect example of why I hate traveling, although it could have been far worse. Breakfast with Mom was quite nice, and we had time afterward to play some Hyrule Warriors. We beat a "Defeat 600 enemies" level that we'd tried and failed many times before, and even got a B rank when all we needed was C, then unlocked Ruto's second rank weapon, which is a big boost. I think Mom really likes playing as Ruto, so now she's much stronger. Then I headed to the airport and had plenty of time before my flight, so I played some Link Between Worlds. I wasn't quite hungry enough to get lunch before the flight, which was a mistake. JFK airport wasn't letting any planes in, so we sat in the plane for well over an hour before we finally took off. Fortunately, my connecting flight was held as well, but the layover shrank to "don't even go into the terminal - just go into the next gate and get on the plane", which didn't leave me much time to get anything to eat. When I got to the hotel, I decided to start by messaging the people who needed to know I was here and called my dad, who's in the general area of where I am now. We talked for a good while about lots of things, and then I went down to the hotel bar for some food. I probably ate more than I should so late at night and had most of a pitcher of root beer, but the server was really friendly and apologetic about the lack of turkey burgers and other issues, so I left a nice tip and had fruit to end with. So in the end, all is well, and I'm settled enough that I think the week will get off to a decent start. I even got meal tickets for breakfast, which is pretty nice. My only complaint is a glass-topped desk, which means I have to use a notebook for a mouse pad. But it works.

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