Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Still have to do taxes and some other things

Today's Bridge: I celebrated finally returning to work by drawing in and having a pretty good rubber. It was competitive, with the opponents setting us doubled twice - I was quite pleased with a one-trick set, but we ended up in 2NT against a super-long diamond holding for off two. Ugh. But I made a forced raise to 4D in the first hand (I had jumped to show a near-opening hand after an initial pass) and Dan H. took us up to 5, made it, then raised his own 2H pre-empt to 5H Dbl in the final hand and made that too. I bid 3H and 4H, though, and his raise was based on a long spade suit to the ace and the opponents bidding 4S. My singleton spade was the main asset that led me to bid 4H, so it worked out well. The opponents only declared once, when Paul opened 3C and Dan C. bid 3H. Paul passed that with the singleton queen of hearts, and I carefully cut off Dan from the long clubs by leading to them while I still had a trump. He had no choice but to lead to me and get stuck in his hand with losers at the end.

I finally got my passport application turned in, which wasn't easy - I had to get through two locked doors and a lot of wind chill. The snow in the parking lots was piled so high that it blocked visibility, and the access roads had barely been plowed enough to leave a bit more than a single car-width driveable, which straddled the center line. Had anyone been coming the other way, I have no idea how we'd have managed. At least the roads were better for the drive home, but we're supposed to get more snow Saturday, which could make the weekend unpleasant. I guess we'll see.

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