Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I would have done it today if I'd thought to bring my checkbook

I'm not happy with the service I received today at the dealership. It started out well enough, with me dropping off the car and taking the shuttle home. They called me in the early afternoon to let me know that the car was done, but it needed a new belt and they didn't have one in stock. So I got the shuttle back and they asked me to wait for a few minutes while they did the paperwork for the belt. Half an hour later, the mechanic came back to let me know that my car was done and on the way to the car wash. Okay...? Half an hour after that, I finished the book I'd brought and went out to ask what was taking so long. Nobody had any idea, but it was still a while before they got the car finished and ready for me. Keep in mind that I had to wait about ten to twenty minutes at home for the shuttle, after they called to tell me the car was done. The service manager told the mechanic and the cashier that I wanted to pay for the belt they were ordering today, as if the command had come from me, which it certainly hadn't. (I'd said I didn't mind if that's how they wanted to do it, but I really didn't care either way. I have to assume that she was trying to boost some kind of daily sales figure and really wanted that purchase on today's accounting.) After waiting far longer than I had the patience for while they tried to figure out how to do that, I let them know that I really didn't care either way, and they just charged me for today's service and sent me on my way. They didn't give me the usual ream of paper telling me to rate their service Excellent if I get a survey, and I have a feeling that they plan to make extra sure I don't get a survey this time around. And I still have to make another weekday appointment to get the drive belt replaced, once they get it in. That could potentially work on Monday, but I don't know when I'll be home. We'll see. I was planning to get a haircut and have photos taken after picking up the car, but after that experience, I didn't want to have to interact with any more customer service people, so I stayed home.

My PC's audio drivers are messing up yet again after another update, and I spent way too much time messing with them. I'm giving up for now - I just need to mute the volume every so often to remove the horrible echo that builds up. It should sort itself out eventually, or I may find a solution someday. Meanwhile, I'm in a better mood after that service - my frustration and annoyance at other people has taken the steam out of my annoyance with myself. I might get those photos tomorrow and just let my hair remain a mess, and do the haircut on Monday if there's time. If I'm taking my car in for service, I may never see it again. I might drop it off and then just head to the showroom and buy a new one for the drive home.

At least I've been collecting a few more Gold Skulltulas in Hyrule Warriors. Twili Midna's pretty good for those, when I get a choice.

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