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Today's Bridge: I made a 4S that Dan C. didn't mean to put me in - I opened 2S with S K-Q-10-8-x-x H K D J-x C K-x-x-x, and he missed that I'd opened and tried to bid 1D. He had to correct to 3D, and convention bound me to bid 4C, which he corrected to 4S. He had S A-J-x H Q-x-x-x D Q-x-x-x C A-x, so we weren't in bad shape. There were two rounds of diamonds, followed by a third round that the queen took and I sluffed a club. I cashed the ace of spades, then crossed to my king, leaving the jack in case I needed to ruff a club, but Paul was still holding a little spade to my right. I went ahead and led the king of hearts, which Dan H. covered. I think he led a diamond, which I ruffed, and I pulled the last spade, cashed the queen of hearts, and had two top clubs and spades left. The opponents got the upper hand in the end, though, and I botched the defense in a 3NT. I had S 8-7-6-5 H J-x-x D A-K-9-x C J-10 and Paul was dummy to my right with S 3 H A-x-x D J-10-x-x-x-x C 8-x-x. The auction started with me, I think, and I passed, Dan H. bid 1C, Dan C. doubled, 1D, double (since diamonds was my best suit and I was okay with either major), 2H, 2S, 3D (a mistake, I think, since he's really weak), P, 3NT. Dan led the nine of spades to Dan H's king, and I think I should have thrown the eight, but I threw the five. Dan H. led a club, which Dan C. covered with the king. He ran the jack of spades, which held, then a low diamond. I should have gone up, but I put in the nine and lost to the queen. From there, Dan H. set up a long run of clubs and hearts as well as the ace of spades, taking an overtrick. If I cover, the singleton queen of diamonds falls, I have a spade to lead back to my partner's holding to set up his queen, and if he leads me his other diamond, I can take the ace and still have the 9-x to prevent him from running the suit that's now four to the ten. Dan C. needs to hold up the king of clubs for a round, though - by my count, he has three total, and even if Dan H. has the unlikely (given the bidding) holding of A-Q-J-10-9-2, which would make the eight worth a trick, it's still worth holding up the king for a round to make it slightly harder to run the suit smoothly. More likely, I have one club that can cover the eight and a short holding, so his king might well be covering a winner from my hand. That stops the run of clubs, I think.

Today's Work: Learning a brand new device so I can write a driver for it. I've started with a basic serial protocol and general message packing function. Unpacking will be for tomorrow.

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