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Today's Bridge: We didn't even have to scrounge for people. Dan H. and I partnered up against Dan C. and Paul, and the day was ours. I made some questionable bids, but I think we made all of them, putting together a game out of two 4Ds, the latter in an auction that went 1C-1H-P-4D. I had S Q-x-x H x D A-K-J-10-8-x-x C x-x, so it seemed like the right bid, and I even used the Stop card that nobody but me ever bothers to use. Dan had S A-x H A-Q-x-x-x-x D x C Q-x-x-x, so we seemed a bit underpowered, but Paul started by cashing the A-K of clubs, then switched to a heart. Despite the obvious risk of losing the queen of diamonds, I went ahead and finessed the queen of hearts, which won. I think my next move was a tactical blunder, because I led the queen of clubs, expecting Dan to ruff so I could overruff him and make cashing the top two diamonds a winning play if he held Q-x-x, because I didn't intend to finesse. A good thing, too - Dan had a club left, so I sluffed a spade, then led the diamond to my A-K, and Paul dropped the queen. I cashed the jack and then the ten, just in case I'd miscounted, then crossed to the ace of spades, sluffed my last spade on the ace of hearts, and made five. In the final hand, Dan C. opened 1C and Paul jumped him right up to 5C. They were far enough behind that Dan decided to push to 6C, and the other Dan doubled with two aces and a king, which was a bit risky but pretty sensible. The opponents had enough length in those suits to match for off two. I did give up a trick I didn't need to in that initial 4D, because I was planning to lose a trick to the last diamond and forgot when it came from RHO that I could cover it, instead throwing away a card that I don't think would have lost (ruffable or sluffable on something else), but I still made the contract.

Today's Work: Fixing the last few problems that we could be bothered to fix, really. Some little things that I thought might be issues based on my understanding of the program, which we hadn't had time to test, that turned out to be problems. There's a much bigger problem going on, but it's nothing to do with our software, so it's not my problem. Then I learned that the feature we were using that required me to remove something else had been removed, so I put my change back in - it was simple to revert the change because I was careful when doing my commits, so I had a changeset (coincidentally, number 700) that was exactly the removal of that feature, so I just undid that commit. It meant a lot of driving back and forth between the lab and my office, though. I really need to make a service appointment tomorrow for one day during the week.

I got my job done and headed home for some Hyrule Warriors and collecting a few more hearts. There are only five left in the Adventure map, and I'm pretty sure getting the one for Ruto won't be a problem - I just haven't played that level with her yet. Then there are two for Ganondorf that will likely be tough (one was the final level I hadn't beaten yet - I got a B-rank and a COMPLETE screen) and two for Agitha that I know will be next to impossible - and one of those doesn't even require an A-rank. I'm nowhere near actually being done with the map, though, since I have lots of Gold Skulltulas left to collect. I might spend my time bouncing between working on those and the Termina map. There's one star weapon I really want to get.

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