Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Blueberry licorice is about as good as I thought it would be

Today's Bridge: It was our first day using the bidding boxes, and I'd like to blame that for my distraction, but really, there's no excuse for forgetting that the opponents were planning to play in diamonds and making a lead-direct double of their 5D Blackwood response. There was even less excuse for bidding over their redouble and compounding my error. -1400 is considerably more than they would have gotten even for 5D Rdbl with an overtrick. We had good hands other than that. I was a bit disappointed at the final hand, when declarer ran the queen of hearts through my king to the board's ace, leaving my jack high and the board holding K-J of diamonds and a heart, Ken with A-x of diamonds and the thirteenth club, and declarer with one spade (trump) and no diamonds. I think Ken should have covered the first diamond trick to force declarer to ruff (or give us the diamond while sluffing a heart loser), since he had the club as an exit card that the board couldn't cover. We get either the ace of diamonds and the jack of hearts, or possibly both of my hearts after a ruff of the ace of diamonds. Getting one of the diamonds when Ken ducked gave him the two tricks he needed for the contract - we had to prevent him from taking a side suit trick at any cost. I think the rule of thumb is hold up if there are entries to the long hand, cover early otherwise. Ken said he was hoping that declarer would ruff, playing me for the ace of diamonds, but I think that's a losing play for declarer no matter where the ace of diamonds is. He needs one of those diamonds to win, and it won't if he ruffs. The finesse was the obvious play.

Today's Work: More experimenting with the system, finding things that don't work properly, figuring out why they don't work properly, and making appropriate changes. This time, it was a feature that someone (a representative of the company that made part of the equipment, I think) insisted that we put in even though they have no authority to direct us, which disables one of the two video feeds we need when we enable it. So I disabled it again and all the functions that reference it are just unused now. I also wrote some functions to replace another piece of memory that was getting corrupted before. We're closing in on the end goal.

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