Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I want to devote tonight to catching up on some video backlog. Maybe I will.

Today's Bridge: I scraped a 3S that I don't think ever should have happened - S J-9-x-x-x-x H x-x D A-K-x C Q-x-x or so opposite S 10 H A-K-x-x D x-x C A-10-x-x-x-x. I gave up the king of clubs on the opening lead, but then the opponents couldn't decide on a suit to attack and went for the red suits. When the spades split 3-3 and neither of them managed to ruff, the contract made. I even managed to preserve a heart entry to the board to run the good clubs. However, that was sandwiched between two indefensible games for the opponents, so we lost that rubber. We ended with Dan C. opening 1H opposite my S Q-x-x-x H K-x-x-x-x D x-x C Q-x. Paul doubled, and while 4H seems like the best bid, I thought a redouble better described my hand. Ken bid 2D, and Dan jumped to 3H. Paul bid something, I forget what (maybe 4D), and I went to 4H, since my hand was a pretty good fit for Dan's. Paul doubled that, and Dan redoubled. It turned out that Paul had a heart void, and we'd lost two tricks coming into the last three. I had S x-x H 9 showing, and Dan led the heart to his queen. He led the last heart, and Paul sluffed the top spade, giving us the overtrick. If Dan's last side suit card had been a club or a diamond, he'd have ruffed it, so he clearly still had a spade. You can double a making contract or you can defend sloppily, but doing both on the same hand is rather poor form. (I say that as someone with a pretty good grasp of this sort of thing, and card-counting, so I know it's beyond most casual players to do that kind of analysis.)

At work, I was evaluating some functionality of our system and taking notes, and I fixed a couple of problems, including the fact that our system locks the controls of one of the pieces of equipment attached to it, which can happen while it's off and prevent the operator from turning it on without shutting the system down. The only software control that could remotely turn the unit on was a reset, so I put in a button to activate that, and it works. Progress is good.

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