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Today's Exercise: Rung 4... sort of. I forgot I was moving up a rung and did most of the exercises for rung 3, then made up the difference before I started running. The running seems to be the only part that really needs to be done all at once, and I did it all at once. Wasn't too bad. Tomorrow, I'll do rung 4 straight through as it was intended.

Rather close rubber, for the most part. They bid up to an early slam that they couldn't make, although they had game in the bag. They were missing the three top trump and didn't lose any other tricks. Still, neither Dan nor I felt safe doubling them, so we only made 100 points on the hand. Then they made a quick 5D for the first game. We should have set that one by at least two tricks... they each had two hearts and two spades, and we had the A-K of each between us. But Dan decided to lead a club instead, and he ended up throwing away his good hearts. The next hand, I actually had something worth bidding: S A-K-Q H A-Q-x D Q-10-x-x C K-x-x. I opened 1D, as I was between notrump ranges, and Dan responded 1H. Mike bid 2C, and given Dan's response, I should have jumped right to 3NT, but I left it at 2. The hand he had was actually weaker than he'd promised: S x-x-x H K-J-x-x-x-x D x-x-x C x-x. But that was plenty for me. Paul led a club, which I won with the king, then I cashed my six heart tricks and my three spade tricks and conceded the last three. (I played to get the queen of diamonds, but that didn't happen. I'd have had to pitch early, and without a club stopper, that would be death. Better to take my two overtricks and be content.) They then proceeded to make three partscores, totalling 90 points, before we could finish our game. But we finished it with a 3H and moved on to the final game... and blew it twice by bidding game and falling short one. But both of those were horrible trump splits... 5-0 and 4-1... 4-1 being horrible because our combined fit was A-J-9-6-5-4-3-2 or so. I played them both pretty well to only be off one. (The 3H was similar... the only saving grace was that both hearts and clubs split well, so Dan's clubs became good.) In the end, they just had more points than we did. That's usually why they win.

Put in more Wind Waker time today... I bought the chart from not-Beedle's disappearing shop and was informed that I had seven days to gather the money to buy the rest of his rare wares. So I went out and found two of the buried treasures on my treasure charts... two Pieces of Heart. Total worth in Rupees: zilch. There are a few more chests I haven't found yet, any of which might contain two hundred Rupees at a pop, but I'll need to figure out where they are and strategize to avoid running out of time while collecting the cash. I managed pretty well the first time through and didn't even know ahead of time that I had a limited time. This time, I decided not to risk it and saved before approaching the ship. I won't wait until I have the maximum Rupee capacity and can buy all of the items in one shot, and I know a place where I can get all the money I want without any time passing, but I still have to get there and back and I need to make sure I have enough time to do it. I'll probably just head back to Windfall Island with my purse full and win an auction or two, then go get more money and try the buying subquest again when I have more treasure charts and more free time to do it all at once. So it was mostly a waste of time. But I have time to watch the last two episodes of Trouble Chocolate if I hurry. So I'll go do that.

Oh, yeah... Omega finally has a livejournal of her own. I'll probably link to it once she posts something in it.

Good luck to the NaNoWriMo peoples out there... I don't do it for a reason, and I don't need that much prodding to write. And I hate counting words. I absolutely refuse.

Oh... FCM chapter 2 is out. It's only 9,295 words, so go read it. You've been writing long enough and you need a break, says I. And it's a very emotional chapter. You'll like it.
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