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At least it was a pretty early day

Today's Bridge: Our first time back at the table in two weeks was pretty exciting. I opened 1NT in fourth seat with S Q-J-x H A-9-x D K-x-x C K-Q-J-x and Ken raised me to 3NT with S K-x-x H J-10-x D x-x C A-10-9-x-x or so. Not my favorite bid there - 2NT is what our card says, and I won't raise it with a minimal hand. We still have trouble making that, since I only have one diamond stopper and six tricks between the ace of hearts and the clubs. When the king of hearts came out on the opening lead, I had to take it so I could attack the suits where I could establish tricks instead of letting the opponents lead a diamond. The opponents held up for two spade tricks and a heart, so I cashed the clubs and even got the king of diamonds for an extra. We finished that rubber with a lucky 5C Dbl, S x H x-x D 10-x-x-x C A-Q-10-x-x-x facing S A-K-J-x-x H A-Q-J D x C J-x-x-x. I took the ace of spades on the opening lead and sluffed a heart on the king, so I wouldn't need to depend on the heart finesse. However, the club finesse lost and Dan cashed the ace of diamonds and led his last club, cutting off a diamond ruff and requiring me to run the heart finesse anyway. Fortunately, that one worked. We didn't manage to score at all in the last rubber - Ken took a risk in 4H when he started in 2C, because there was nowhere else to go. We were facing a bad split in diamonds, with my hearts too pathetic to prevent Dan from overruffing even if I weren't sluffing losing clubs along the way. I counted two losing clubs and two losing hearts no matter what suit we played in, and I don't think the diamond length would have helped us as a trump suit.

I got nothing of value done at work - when I got in, my computer was unable to connect to the network. I'm pretty sure it was a rather obvious setting that I don't have the privilege to change, and of course, they couldn't do it remotely because the computer's not on the network. So they passed me to the local tech, from whom I received what looks like an automated E-mail with a disconnected phone number. The help desk sent him an E-mail asking him to call me, but I got no call today. Then I made a small change to our program on the computer that works properly and tried to test it, but someone else appeared to have made a partial commit, and he wasn't available to correct the problem. I didn't want to back out his change in the meantime and try to deal with that mess, and I really didn't want to try to recreate his changes from the error messages (even just to get the program to compile), so I'll have to try that tomorrow as well, assuming the weather isn't too bad. It's already completely white outside and the main part of the storm hasn't started yet. I brought my laptop home, so as long as that file got committed, I can at least test my own changes from home tomorrow and work on something else. We finally have the hardware to test my changes from months ago, but I was waiting for a call back and never made it to the lab. It's always something. And now I've got another video to watch, which probably means no Hyrule Warriors tonight. That's okay, though. I doubt I'd accomplish anything meaningful.

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