Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Quick news post for today

First, an actual Snopes article that warns voters to carefully check the final summary before submitting your vote... those machines we so trust are not infallible, and the advance voting machines in Austin, Texas had a major bug that cropped up several times due to a poorly-designed user interface. They only got 17 complaints out of 70,000 voters, but how many people voted a straight ticket, encountered the bug, and didn't check their summaries before submitting? That would convert a KerryEdwards vote into a BushCheney vote, and a BushCheney vote into no vote. In other news, it seems that even if I didn't register before the deadline, it would still be possible for me to register and vote right there at the polling location. In further news, I still don't plan to do it.

Note to the unwary... not all scams are based in Nigeria. Note to everyone else: Nobody is going to send you a large amount of money just for you sending a small amount of money to them. It is not going to happen. Ever. (With the possible exception of people you know... and even then, I'd be careful.) Anybody who's got millions of dollars to send you should be able to cover their own pittance of an insurance. Or tell them not to bother with insurance... if the money goes missing in transit, then nobody's lost anything.

Even the dead are voting now... albeit before actually dying. I find two things interesting about that article. First, the guy's casting a meaningless vote which many believe will have some effect on the future of the country in which he's not actually going to be living, and second, note that the son was the only witness to the vote and the man wasn't conscious at all after that point. Hmmm... who's going to be the first to cry voter fraud on this one?

And this story about a voter being arrested for wearing a costume in Georgia catches my notice mainly because who would expect Georgia to have a law prohibiting the wearing of masks? I was at an anime convention in Georgia, and there were masks all over the place! Note to AWA-goers... do NOT wear your mask outside the convention grounds! I doubt AWA would be considered a "holiday" or a "special occasion" to the KKK-intimidated police. (But I expect you'd be let off with a warning the first time.) Then again, not having any experience in the matter myself, does anyone know what the Atlanta PD know about AWA? Are they notified in advance that there's a convention in town? (Do they need to be?) Would they still arrest people wearing masks outside the convention center? Was there a notice in the program booklet warning about that which I missed?

Need to get ready for the morning meeting, which involves two computers, a keycard, and a printer. This is beginning to sound like a Zork game.


The keycard fits into the slot. The screen lights up and displays the following message: "PLEASE TYPE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD"


The computer beeps. A pop-up window with the message "INCORRECT" appears on the screen for a few seconds, then vanishes.


The document you've been looking for appears on the screen.


You'll need to use the wrench to tighten the bolt on the dam, touch the armor thrice, lead the minx to the buried truffle, and blow up a locker with Pop Rocks and cola before the document will print.



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