Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

It's sad to think that GG may be the face of the future of conflict on the Internet.

Today's Bridge: We got a very late start, but when we finally got around to playing, it was a very competetive day. I think Dan H. as my partner missed a few key opportunities - I held the setting tricks in a 2NT contract with the top heart and the ace of spades, but he kept leading diamonds even after I covered his six with my seven - there were no tricks to establish there and we needed to look elsewhere. He also missed my singleton two of clubs lead against a 5S contract - I thought they had it when Ken took the ace, but then he led a diamond instead of pulling trump immediately, and Dan ruffed. We could have taken five tricks on the crossruff, ending with the K-Q of trump, but only just ended up taking three. Neither of us doubled that, largely because I only had K-5 of spades and the queen of hearts, and had jumped Dan's 1H overcall to 4 on that. When we declared, we did pretty well - I declared 3S with S K-9-x-x H A-x-x D 10 C K-x-x-x-x facing S Q-J-8-x H Q-x-x-x D K-J-x-x C ?. I ducked the first heart from the board, and Ken played just high enough that I had to take with the ace. I chanced leading another heart up, and Paul ruffed, leading a diamond. I went up with the king, and that held, so I decided to sluff my last heart on the jack and throw a loser under a loser. The jack also held, leaving me wondering what to do. I ran a spade to the queen, which held, and a club back. Ken covered with the ace, setting up my king, and I think he led another club to my king. I ruffed a club low, which Ken overruffed with the ace and led a heart, which I ruffed low and Paul covered. I had the rest on the crossruff. As it turns out, pulling a round of trump would have worked out the same, I think - they get the ace of clubs, two spades, and possibly the final trick after I run out of trump, but according to my count, I needed the entire length of my trump, and I think there was a bigger risk if the trump were 2-0 and either opponent took the ace and led the ten, killing my ruffs, as opposed to running the crossruff and being more likely to pick up more tricks. I think I was wrong, in retrospect.

Today's Work: I got another assignment from the vendor, but this one wasn't as time-critical. I got it implemented just by the end of the day anyway, because I'm pretty good at this, but we now have something like eight sliders in our control panel, and it's annoying. So my task for tomorrow will be to replace those sliders with a button that brings up a dialog that has the sliders in it. I also want to improve the layout while I'm at it - going from a layout of panels in rows to a GroupLayout, because GroupLayout is awesome. I'll have to see whether I can procedurally include or omit certain controls within the layout, though - right now, I just count how many rows I'll need and then individually add each row I want, but in Group Layout, I'll need to put everything in in one statement - which means either finding a way to use an array instead of individually listing the elements, or using sizeless placeholders for some of them. I may be able to remove some after the panel is laid out, as well - which would probably work better if it doesn't leave giant gaps. I found a tutorial online just now that suggests creating the groups first, storing references to them, then adding the components later, which should work perfectly. I just need to remember that for tomorrow.

Commentary didn't happen tonight, but that gave me time to listen to an NPR interview about Gamergate. I wasn't paying full attention, so I didn't find it quite as hilarious as many of the people on my Twitter list were leading me to believe it was, but as I understand it, one of the most prominent members of GG was on the program effectively shooting himself in the foot.

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