Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Just waiting for the week to end already

Today's Bridge: I failed to trust my partner's double of 4D and bid what seemed like a good shot at 4H, but it was the second hand in a row where Paul had no trump, and I was off two. Undoubled, at least. There was a hand where I opened 1NT and Paul ended up declaring 2NT and making it. Dan C. had a ton of spades and just enough entries for Paul to establish them. We did the best we could just taking our five tricks. Those were most of their scores, though - Dan C. made 5D in the last hand, but that wasn't enough to catch up to our game and the sets we managed to get.

Today's Work: I got a wrench thrown in the works when I realized that the program I'm working with doesn't have access to the information I need to do what I'm trying to do. It used to, but we stripped that out along the way (in a move I was never pleased with, and the guy who made the change says he plans to undo it when he has the time), so I need to add that information. Hopefully, that won't be too big a change.

Can't decide between cleaning up commentary, playing Hyrule Warriors, or just watching videos until bedtime. Fortunately, it's almost the end of the week.

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