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Today's Bridge: It felt pretty good to get back to Bridge at last. Unfortunately, our hands didn't really hold up. I had a really weak holding in the first one with 2-2 in the black suits, three diamonds to the ace, and six hearts to the eight. Yes, the eight. Unfortunately, Dan C. opened diamonds and then bid 2S over Dan H's 2C, and with my weak clubs, I couldn't bid 2NT, so I was forced to 3H. He had A-K-Q of trump, but we had no control in either black suit and missed it by one when the one honor Jerry had was the king of spades, offside for the finesse that would have let me sluff the diamonds. I made 4H on the next hand, though - something like S K-J-x H 10-x-x-x D A-K-x C J-x-x facing S A-x-x-x H A-K-x-x D Q-x-x C A-x. I passed the opener, and when Dan opened 1D in fourth seat, I jumped to 2H, and he jumped right to 4. The opening lead was the king of clubs, so I covered it and naturally lost when I finessed the jack later. The spade finesse worked, though, and the suit split 3-3, so I drew the queen of hearts by leading the last one. The opponents didn't assemble a game until the final hand, but they had a cold 5D that makes six if we don't start by attacking the spades to establish a winner there. I'm pretty sure the opponents can sluff the spade losers somewhere. We also had a pretty interesting defense in 2NT staring at A-Q-10-x-x-x of hearts on the board. I led an early heart to that just because I suspected Dan H. had only one heart and I wanted to remove his entry. Dan C. correctly didn't cover the singleton jack from his K-x-x, but I think Dan H. had a winning play by covering the jack with the queen, creating an entry. He can then either cash the ace and pitch to the king while he still has the ace of diamonds for an entry, or pitch immediately, then get back in and cash the suit from the ace. Either way, that should make the contract. It should have been declared in spades anyway, but 2NT should have been makeable, especially given my decision to lead a heart and give him a free finesse. I should have attacked the obvious diamond entry immediately and left the hearts to his imagination - absent that diamond entry, there's no way he can cash them.

Really, that was about it. I submitted my travel voucher at work and got a fair way into the work we planned during the trip. Now I want to wrap this up and do another commentary, but unfortunately, I have to finish listening to Lonely Rolling All-Star first. Wait. That's not unfortunate at all. It's awesome. Listen to it.

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