Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I hope the police had good dinners

It's been a pretty fun day, I think. I spent a lot of it editing the final grinding video for the Folklore LP, and then I took Curt and Angie out to Bobby's Colorado Steakhouse for dinner. It was expensive, but the food was pretty good and they had tiramisu. Some things are worth paying for. There was a lot of police presence along the way - on the way there, we passed a big crowd in a park between the main one-way thoroughfares, and as I was on my way back home, the road was closed near an apartment complex with a big parking lot - only one lane was blocked, but no traffic was flowing in either direction, so I turned around and went a different way. The lady behind me pulled up and blocked me while I was turning around, and I was really tempted to hit her just to make a point, because she had room to pull up farther and let me out, or she could have waited until I'd finished my turn to pull up. I hope she's still waiting there.

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