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Not a bad day. I finished the Ranma DVD this morning (only one episode was left anyway) and watched an episode of Utena. Guess that's my evening viewing for the next two episodes, since it's in the DVD player rather than the drive. But I think I can pay attention to it enough before bed. I'm starting to understand some of the symbolism in the second season, I think, but there are several ways of finding out whether I'm right, and I prefer watching more of the series over most of the rest. I also watched the third episode of Bleach... yes, the darkness is there, although still subdued from what I recall of the manga. I also popped FF7 back in for a while, and made a lot more progress in Dragoon... but I missed the hidden item yet again, dang it. Oh well. I don't want to be TOO powerful. If that makes any sense. And I've been reading Angel Sanctuary 3... still a freakish series, but entertaining when it's not too confusing to be understood. Tonight's Megas XLR was pretty funny. Of course, a good deal of the humor comes from knowing that Bruce Campbell is the voice of Magnanimous, which is why the guy's mecha had a chainsaw for one hand and a shotgun in the other. I'm sure he got it at S-Mart.

Exercise rung 2, just a bit late today, but no more than the usual light soreness. And I got a pair of anime shipments today, although only one was actual anime. Namely, Angel Tails 3. The other was the Right Stuf catalog... Mom will be happy to know that I've taken the opportunity to use it as brainstorming material to draft up a preliminary Christmas/birthday wish list. I went through the book and pulled out the names of all the anime and manga series that I'm interested enough to want to read, but not interested enough to buy for myself. Sad to say, some of them are Geneon series, but I'll put those at the bottom of the list when I prioritize it. I also put down a few games, since I don't plan to buy any games until after Christmas, but I couldn't think of many I wanted, because I've got so many I still haven't finished, and the abundance of games I've finished and am playing again. I need to break out the N64 again and play something on that, although I think my next endeavor should be the second quest in Wind Waker. Or getting the rest of the treasures in the first quest. Either way. The important thing is that I'll have my list, and I need to coordinate with everyone about Curt's present, since I know what I've got and it might well be on his wish list. And I'll have to look into the ADV sale at RightStuf and see if there's anything I want aside from what's on my list. Might consider getting the membership and ordering some stuff from them as well as from AnimeNation.

Watching Rurouni Kenshin... it's amazing that this series uses the "he didn't kill anyone" stuff that the edited Dragonball Z used, but in this case, it's actually what happened in the original series. No cities full of "empty buildings" blowing up here. Just something weird that occurred to me. You should be used to that by now.

I'm going to miss Dragon Tails. I know it won't be GONE gone... but whatever it becomes, I'm going to miss what it's been.

It's a lot cooler in here with the windows open. I'm still not sure why it's hotter inside than outside when I have the A/C and fans running constantly, but as long as I'm no longer sweating my butt off... I can just go take a shower. After watching the FIRST EPISODE OF FUTURAMA. Or so it appears. Waffo!
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