Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Executive producer credits are expensive, but could look good on a resume

Today's Bridge: Surprisingly, we had enough people to play, and my first two hands were a 2NT opener and a 1NT opener, each raised one level by Dan and made. Unfortunately, we never managed to bridge that last 30 points - we got set a few times and the opponents declared a few hands. Their last one was 4H when I had the ace of spades and A-Q-x of clubs, and Dan had the ace of hearts. Dan's club lead through Jerry's six-card holding set me up to take two and lead the last for a ruff, which Paul let us have. Missing precisely the 5-6-7-8-A of hearts, I think ruffing with the nine would have been a better move. He pulls trump, and if we don't take the ace of spades while we have the chance, he can sluff his three spades on the remaining clubs and make the contract. With D A-Q showing on the board, though, Dan's obvious lead when he gets in is a spade, and that's exactly what he led in the actual hand.

Today's Work: I got my stuff done and tested it in the lab - looking pretty good. I'm missing a couple of probably important features, but those follow the same pattern as some that I've already added, so I should be able to handle those with little problem.

Then I came home and got a video encoded for a final version. I'm growing accustomed to having a backlog, so it really helps to work ahead a bit. I also downloaded QFI and played just a bit. It's pretty different from the early versions I played, so the extra production value really shows.

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