Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Some of the best Twitter conversations I've ever had

Today's Bridge: We made it over halfway to the five-hand game - we made three consecutive 1D contracts. With overtricks, naturally, but I think we lucked into many of those. The opponents also made 1NT with two overtricks, but that's because I threw away the wrong card on the second to last trick. Then Paul opened 3S when I had S A H A-J-9-x-x D Q-x-x-x C A-Q-x. What could I do but bid 4H? When he bid 4S, I left him there - had Ken doubled with his five spades to the K-J, I'd have switched to 4NT, but as it was, we were off three undoubled. 4NT might stand a chance of being off two, depending on how the opponents play. Paul had three clubs to the king, two little diamonds, and a little heart, so I had very few exits and no way to attack hearts. They ended with a game, but we had enough points in diamond overtricks to win.

Today's Work: Cleaning up stuff I needed to clean up. No big deal.

I've been in a surprisingly good mood today. Life is fun.

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