Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I want to go back to work already

The clinic called today to follow up on my condition, and I told them the truth - I'm not getting any better. The doctor said that it was to be expected - this particular strain takes about 48-72 hours to start responding to treatment. So I'm still stuck at home and will probably be resting like this through the weekend. My computer also seems to be getting sick - I tried updating the graphics drivers again, and it failed like always, but when I tried to do a System Restore, it erased all of my restore images. The problem I was trying to fix, that stupid annoying HDMI audio static, is still there. It comes and goes, and I've never figured out why or how to fix it. It just eventually goes away on its own. Maybe I should just hook up some speakers and have done with it. Or throw something out the window. It'd be nice to have some connection to the outside for a change.

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