Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

A missed chance to do some good in the world and stick it to the man

This weekend's manga: Umineko: Banquet of the Golden Witch 2, Afterschool Charisma 9, Alice in the Country of Hearts: Love Labyrinth of Thorns, Alice in the Country of Joker: Circus and Liar's Game 4, Nisekoi 3, Dragonar Academy 2, Seven Deadly Sins 2, My Little Monster 2, Fairy Tail 36-38, Soul Eater 20, Missions of Love 7, Kanokon 7-9 (bringing that series to an end), Puella Magi Kazumi Magica 5 (likewise), Mayo Chiki 6, Zero's Familiar Chevalier 1, Monster Musume 3, Attack on Titan 12, Sankarea 6, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days 3, From the New World 4, Say I Love You 1, Devils and Realist 1, High School DxD 1, Spice and Wolf novel 11, and the first Sword Art Online Aincrad novel. It was a good weekend for manga.

The weekend got off to a pretty good start - I took the car for an early oil change, then did some commentary work before heading to Curt's for a barbecue. He made chicken wrapped in bacon that came out perfectly, and lots of other food besides. I wanted to leave earlier than I did and head to Mom's that evening, but they pulled out Cards Against Humanity and I couldn't say no. I did make it there just in time for bed, but it worked out because I wasn't able to sleep anyway. I gave Mom some help with Folklore and we watched all of the Doctor Who DVDs that I brought (The Moonbase, Horror at Fang Rock, The Happiness Patrol), and we made sausage sandwiches with onion and pepper oil. I came back home to do the grocery shopping, and there was an unfortunate incident. I was in line behind a lady who was paying with WIC, and naturally, thanks to the stupid payment system, it took forever. I was okay with that, but when they got to a bottle of apple juice, the system rejected it. For some reason, even though that juice was pictured on her list of foods, she could get any juice of that brand BUT apple juice, apparently because 100% apple juice has too much sugar to be healthy enough. She could get store brand apple juice, but no other brand. She eventually decided just to leave it, and it wasn't until I was loading my groceries in the car that it occurred to me that I could have offered to pay for it myself. I really wish I had, and a few months ago, I probably would have gotten a bit depressed that I hadn't, but I just regret the missed opportunity. Oh well. If that ever happens again, I'll be prepared.

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