Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I try to sleep EVERY night, but usually fail

Today's Bridge: I was working at the far side of base, but because it was Friday and we were going to have exactly four people, I drove back for Bridge. I'm glad I did - it was a pretty interesting day. Jerry started by just making a 2D contract with a seven card fit, which set me up for a 2NT opener to be passed out - it made a couple of overtricks, possibly because the opponents missed my weak suit on the leads. That tends to happen in notrump contracts. With a game under our belts, I tried to sacrifice in a 4-level major with S A-K-Q-x-x H A-5-x-x D x C A-x-x - it's a really strong hand, but Jerry left me in 4H with J-x-x-x of spades and J-x-x of hearts. With a 3-3 heart split, it wouldn't be too bad, but Ken had four. Fortunately, he let me run most of my spades while he sluffed diamonds instead of ruffing in early with his last trump and leaving me off as many as six. Off three doubled was pretty awful, especially since I think 4S is only off one or two at worst, but we played on. The opponents went for a number of high-level contracts that I didn't think they could make, but was afraid to double. Doubling 4D with K-J-5-x-x of trump just seems like throwing away a chance for a big set, when I was sure they had another suit to run to, but I really should have doubled their 5D when I had both major aces and J-x-x of diamonds and Jerry had opened. In my defense, my hand was pretty weak otherwise and they were sacrificing to keep us out of a 4S that wouldn't have made. I think they were off four in that hand. Ultimately, we set them for a total of 400, plus the 300 game bonus (because all they managed to make was a 1H) and the 170 we got from the first two hands put us 40 points ahead when we had to stop.

Today's Work: I don't like working on the flats very much. We got a fair bit done, which is usually easier when running the live system in its natural habitat, but we were having problems with the generators and systems kept going down when I needed to use them. We're also missing a rather vital component that I need to make a priority on Tuesday. I've got to lean on the guy doing that part until he gets it done.

I've got a pretty full weekend ahead. Lots to do tomorrow, in particular. Might as well start by either turning in early or playing more Second Son. I might actually try to sleep tonight.

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