Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Today's news

If you thought Nevada had it bad... Well, actually, Nevada's problem was worse. They destroyed actual registrations rather than mocking up fake ones. But you just know that for every scheme like this that's being caught and dealt with, there are three more that won't be discovered until long after the election is over and uncontestable. Do people REALLY still trust this "democracy" crap?

Lupin III would have made this work.

This is something our society has needed for a long time. But I guarantee you that people will be abusing the technology in no time. And just wait until the child murders start. "I was playing [controversial game of the season... let's say Grand Theft Auto for now - you know the press won't touch the story if it's a Sesame Street game] and I was just at the hardest part when my brother turned the TV off and I lost the game. So I killed him." Now, are they going to blame the game or the TV-B-Gone? Tough call.

I caught the end of the suckball game last night. The Red Sox won and will be forcing a seventh game in the Suckball World's Boring Series, the first team in suckball post-season history to do so. Consequently, if they win tonight, they'll be the first team to win a post-season series after being down 3-0 in suckball history. But that's not a result... that's just some random trivia that nobody but announcers and suckball fans cares about. I include it to make a point the succinct statement of which is left as an exercise for the reader.

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