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More manga piling up daily

Today's Manga: Bloody Monday 10, Cage of Eden 10, Deltora Quest 9, GTO: 14 Days in Shonan 8-9 (finally bringing that series to a close), The Wallflower 31, and Twin Spica 12. 10 and 11 of Twin Spica are apparently out of print and really rare, so I skipped those and might try looking for them another time.

Today's Bridge: The real disappointment was when Dan passed my 2S after I opened 2C. Spades was our suit and I was even stronger than my bid indicated with S K-J-10-2 H A-K-Q-x D A C A-Q-J-x or so. Dan only had S Q-8-x-x H 9-x-x-x-x D x-x C x-x, but it still makes 6S if the club finesse works and 5 if it doesn't, which it didn't. We should have been in game, either in spades or hearts. We picked up another 2H with three overtricks after that when Dan H. failed to cash his black suit winners, letting me establish long diamonds on the board despite a 4-1 split and use the ace of clubs to get to the leftovers. Being able to pick up all five tricks on A-x-x-x-x facing K-Q-10 is always good.

I got everything working much sooner than I expected to, so I started on the central process. Unfortunately, there are a ton of changes needed, and they're all in an old repository. I made a diff that should cover everything, but it's got a lot of changes I don't want, so I'm stripping those out. The plan is to get just what I want and patch the rest in - I've done it before, but I'm usually a lot more familiar with the actual changes I'm working with. It'll be interesting to see how things go next week.
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