Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

And Gamingo got probated because he hasn't learned anything. Surprise.

I didn't make it to work today - the pain in my throat when I swallowed was pretty bad, so I took sick leave and went to the clinic to make sure it was still acid reflux and not actually something else. The doctor took one look at it and said it was almost certainly NOT reflux. He prescribed me a familiar antibiotic for the next few days and told me to drink a lot and take ibuprofen as necessary - which he said should also help with the tendonitis in my heel. I think it's decreased a bit today, but then, that's what I thought about the throat pain as well. It still hurts a fair bit, but I only just started on the antibiotic. I looked into making an appointment with a family doctor, but my printer refuses to print the admission forms (it's low on ink, so it spits out a few blank pages and throws an error), and for some reason, the PDF won't let me save any entries I make, so I'll need to gather all the necessary information and fill them out after I've had a chance to buy some ink. I could have gone today, but something doesn't feel right about taking sick leave and then running errands. Also, I'm still lazy and it was one more day I could stay home and rest, including some video game time at last. I decided to give inFAMOUS: Second Son a go, and while it looks like it's shaping up to be a short game, I probably haven't got the full map yet, and there's plenty to do in each area. However, I'm building up quite a bit of good karma, and while I know there's at least one level above the one I'm on now, I don't know how long it will take to reach it, nor how many levels there are total. (Don't tell me.) I think most of the changes from previous games are improvements in most respects, so it's definitely a lot of fun. That's why I'm just rattling off a quick entry before bed, much later than I should have. Oh well. Hopefully back to work tomorrow, because while resting at home is more fun than going to work, I'd rather get back to what I was doing previously and try to get that figured out tomorrow, rather than waiting until next week. Also, timecard corrections are even more of a hassle the following week.

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