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Today's Exercise: Rung 1. And I'm feeling pretty good about advancing to rung 2 tomorrow.

Today's Skies of Arcadia: Didn't do much. I found a few more discoveries, went through the Maw of Tartas and got the Yellow Moon Crystal (Vyse says the battle against Yeligar wasn't easy... it did maybe 7000 HP of damage the whole time), finished the Piastol storyline, and I'm about ready to go back to Crescent Isle for one of the last few times... at some point, something's going to happen that I might be able to influence, albeit in Final Destination style - the immediate outcome changes, but it ultimately amounts to the same thing. Like trying to beat the Green Gigas without getting out of the battle early... I doubt it can be done with the Red, but you can actually SEE the damage you're doing to the Green. If that works in the upcoming battle, considering how powerful my party's become, I might have a chance at it.

Today's Dark Cloud 2: Didn't accomplish much... I'm earning medals and building up my weapons. Finally removed the Dark attribute from the Last Resort so I can use it without killing myself... of course, it'll be pathetically weak until I can get another Critical to build into it, and even then it'll only do much damage some of the time. But playing with the more powerful Steve weapons is fun. Not much of an update for the cut, apparently, but I didn't do much anyway.

Today's questionable decision: I didn't feel much like watching anime and wanted to have something on TV as background while I played Legend of Dragoon, so I put in Final Destination. I knew more or less how it would turn out, but it was still worth watching. I shut off Dragoon shortly after it started so I could pay attention. I've played enough games for a while. The decision was questionable because I don't know what kind of dreams I'll have tonight. Then again, if I can remember them, I may finally have something worth including in the dream journal.

Need to finish this Ai Yori Aoshi DVD and watch the latest Tenchi GXP. I also finished the A.I. Love You manga I was reading and read the sample chapter of Boys Be... another series I'm interested in getting. But I think that would be better on my Christmas list than me just buying it. I think what I'll do is list a set of manga and anime series and games that I want but not enough that I'd buy them myself. I've done this before, pointing out things that I want but don't want to buy. It failed miserably last year in the Jak II fiasco, but mistakes breed care and care makes things work more correctly. I left my eggs sitting in water of various temperatures far too long today, so the egg salad that resulted probably won't be of very good quality. Should be an interesting week for breakfasts... good thing I brought in the Pop-Tarts today with the groceries. I may need them.

Speaking of Ai Yori Aoshi, I got to exchange a few words tonight with someone I haven't seen in years (yes, plural... I moved over two and a half years ago. Doesn't seem that long, does it?). And I'm using Final Destination as a conversation springboard with a few people on my AIM list, including a cousin of blackglasswings who's using her account. It's always fun to message a friend and get "who r u" as a reply. One of the many joys of online communication. An entire identity compressed into a single string of characters, and for the net-savvy, an IP address, and for the even more net-savvy, a general geographic location. Everything else can be completely fake, and there's no good way to know. Oh, there are BAD ways to find out, but they generally result in consequences you'd rather not face.

Love the Sailor Moon parody in the latest Megas XLR. They're one girl short and four or five giant robots over the budget, but I forgive them because the parody was so funny. It works for QEFEFZ... in a way. And I'm watching it again now... "In case you hadn't noticed, I'm in a giant robot, and you're in poofy little skirts." Considering that I'm going to be doing Sailor Scouts vs. Eva in GTP... odds are pretty even in my book.

And in the newsworthy: I watched this movie yesterday, and I had no inclination to burn anything. Darwin just doesn't work quickly enough. And somehow, this doesn't surprise me much. The link is relatively work safe, unless you fantasize about your boss who's reading over your shoulder. And are stupid enough that you'd point that out if prompted. And your boss doesn't go for that sort of thing. Of course, if s/he does, then you might well have an in. Don't blame me if it fails. I never told you to do anything. This is your disclaimer. Go watch Family Guy like I'm doing.

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