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Exercise Rung 1. Would be handy if I could set up a field for that like the mood and music, but oh well.

Some interesting hands with great fits between Mike and me. We made a quick 4H, then we set them twice and got set twice ourselves, each time by one trick undoubled. Then they made a 3NT contract, which I thought we could set when we saw Dan's hand with only 5 points. But Paul S. had 20 and I had one, meaning that every time we took a trick, Mike was leading around to Paul and setting up tricks there. Another hand, their 3NT looked golden to everyone but me as I saved up a few high cards. Mike and I had been bidding spades, and Dan was bidding hearts. I had four or five decent spades and K-J of hearts. Mike leading a heart would set me up a trick, but I refrained from doubling, so he lead the ace and a low spade. That set up my spades for the end, when Paul had to lead to the ace of hearts on the board, and Dan had nothing but hearts. I took the king and cashed a spade and the high diamond to set them. Our big break came on the last hand, where Mike opened 3S and I had 11 points and K-x of spades, plus A-Q-x-x-x of hearts. If my diamonds had been better than Q-x, I would have opened 1H, so I raised to 4S. Mike made that easily enough. He says Paul's getting the hang of the play, but I still notice a tendency to lead his high cards early and set up our winners. There were hands where he led an ace and more or less gave us the contract. And Mike misplayed a 3H contract when he thought it was 4H and made a sacrifice trying to get that tenth trick. But we won the rubber.

More Skies after a delicious dinner... finally found the 64 Discoveries I needed to get another reward... a White Map. I've got plenty of those, and I can only equip one, which I should probably do just while hunting Discoveries in the areas where enemies appear, but I really like Vyse having well over 400 Attack. All I need is one more Spirit Point per turn, and I can wipe out just about any enemies in a single round by using Rain of Swords first thing. It typically does over 1000 HP damage to every enemy. And in ship battles, Vyse can shoot a main cannon for over 10000 HP damage. Aika, shooting the same cannon, did around 4000 HP. Critical hit, maybe, but that's still a pretty powerful hit. And I hadn't even cast Increm because it was an easy enemy. Just Sylenis to shut up his spells. (That's such a useful spell in ship battles.) Still no sign of the new Bounty, though... I may have to do the next plot point and then go hunt him down. But I want to get in some inventing time in Dark Cloud 2 tomorrow. Or just cut out the time component and use an online guide to shortcut the process. I'll eventually find all the inventions using my exhaustive method anyway, so why waste the time? I also might go to Terre Haute tomorrow... I hear Bleach 3 manga is out already. And it's Triple Points this weekend, and I might even use my coupon form the calendar this month to get Final Destination and/or Urban Legend. Why not? Horror seems to be in or something. And Urban Legend uses a lot of the legends I've been reading about on Snopes. Fun stuff.

Still working on the joke that nobody will understand in QEFEFZ. It's a one-liner whose setup then entails quite a bit of posturing to restore the situation to normal. Fortunately, it's a situation that, at least in my mind, is universal in scope and lends itself well enough to humor, drama, romance, or what have you. Obviously, I'm shooting for humor this time.

Oh... I'm not used to having work news, but there's news from work! The unit tests for the current set of PCRs have more or less finished, and the results are promising. No anomalies so far, which is as I expected... I DO test the fixes myself! So next week, I can hopefully get the next set of fixes in and right to peer review. There are a few that are a bit complicated, but for the most part, the problems I've been fixing are simple to test. There's one set I'll probably be testing myself later on, but my fixes have priority for the moment. I like having priority. ^_^

And that's all for this week! Stay tuned for Nido's weekend adventures. Remember, when they say "Bienvenido", you know they're talking about me.

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