Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Further proof that I'm completely terrible at video games

I think it was a pretty full day, although I never did get around to doing the laundry. I had a pretty long morning before my appointment, so I drove over to Subway for breakfast just to make sure the car would start without issues - it usually does. My co-commentator wasn't available, so I did commentary for the boss video instead, and I watched several episodes of Cowboy Who and Chuck. I also caught up on a backlogged LP I've been meaning to watch. So it was productive in a sense - just not a sense I like in retrospect. On the plus side, I made sausage jambalaya and hash browns for dinner, and those turned out well enough. On the minus side, I was getting pretty far in Ghost of Sparta and the game crashed. I guess I have time to turn it on and see how far back that set me. I save at every opportunity, but there's quite a gap between save points sometimes.

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