Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

My non-expiring gift cards will have expired by the time I get out to use them

It was a surprisingly productive day. Since it was going to snow again this evening (it already has, in fact), I went out for lunch (riding my anti-lock brakes most of the way to the road, of course) and then did the grocery shopping right before dinner, so I won't have to go back out tomorrow unless I really want to. I don't expect I will. Most likely, I'll do the commentary for my last Folklore video for the chapter, just so that if guest commentary on Monday goes well, I can speed through the rest of the chapter. I also made a lot of progress in Ghost of Sparta, because why not, and I think that about covers my day. I'm baffled by how much snow manages to accumulate in the wheel wells of my car - in fact, I have no idea how it was still turning when I got home, since the snow was caked so thick around one tire that I think it was actually touching the tire. I think we've had at least two years' worth of snow so far this winter, if not three.

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