Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Exercise Rung 1 again... not a great deal to track yet, but we'll see what happens on Monday.

A dismal outing for Mike and me... Paul and Dan beat us savagely, but mainly because we had rank hands most of the rubber. There was one where we bid 4S and made 6, I believe, or bid 3 and made 5 or something like that. That was our best hand. The rest were all theirs. Actually, now that I think of it, maybe THEY bid 3NT or 2NT and made 5. We set them a few times, but they made the two games. The first hand was particularly sad... Mike had nothing to offer and I had 21 points. They ended up in 2S, I couldn't say anything (I'd already bid my diamonds, and I had no rebiddable suits), and we managed to set them one trick just because my hand was so powerful. Then they got into a spade contract without most of the spade honors... Paul crossruffed until he had the tricks he needed and Mike led a spade through Dan's Q-10 to my A-J-9, giving me the last three tricks.

Had a brief run of Skies of Arcadia this evening, during which I held three titles. I started the evening as Vyse, King of Rogues (the highest "normal" title you can get), then recruited the last two crew members (both Artisans) and became Vyse the Charismatic. Then I finished all the special sky battles and became Sky Battle King Vyse. Now all I need to do is collect the last two bounties and see what happens then. And make lots more discoveries... I've got something like 55 now, and Domingo will give me something when I find 64. I still haven't found a couple from near the beginning of the game. I'm almost embarrassed to admit it, but once I complete the game again, I might resort to looking up some of the locations in a FAQ. For now, I only want to get those things I can find myself. No outside help.

I had pizza-filled pretzels with dinner today. Not bad, although I had to cook them much longer than the directions said. I need to get used to having a powerless microwave (again...). But the cheese, on the other hand, says it needs two minutes but starts crusting and browning in my microwave after about 40 seconds. I don't like that.

Gotta read something before bed... probably won't watch any Ai Yori Aoshi tonight, but since this DVD is probably all I'll have of the series for a very long time, I'd better make it last. Stupid, stupid Geneon...

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