Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

A bodybuilder directing traffic? What? WHAT? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

It's been a pretty great Christmas. The part of the family that could get together did, and we had pork roll sandwiches for dinner and exchanged gifts. Everyone liked the gift I got them, jars of Biscoff spread. It's probably the best snack food ever. I also got everyone gift cards because that's what I get everyone. For my part, I got a new humidifier (so I can get rid of the old one that still smells a bit of chlorine), a new power strip so I can plug in the stuff I don't have enough outlets for, about a billion T-shirts, two years of Netflix, and a couple of gift cards of my very own. Most importantly, I didn't feel depressed like I have every other year. That's the best part, for me. Well, that, and the PS4.

Mom and I are just waiting for the Doctor Who Christmas special to start... but what the hell was with that Geico commercial?

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