Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

START! (dead) That was a fair challenge.

I got to talk to my therapist about some important things today, and then I went to work and accidentally erased one of my source files. (To be fair, it wasn't a rm mishap, but a make/gcc mishap. I used an empty variable and accidentally passed one of my source files to -o.) Fortunately, it was a pretty simple file and I separate my work pretty carefully, so it didn't take me long to recreate it, and I made sure to create a backup. I even found and fixed a couple of other problems while I was at it, so I don't think it was particularly a waste of time. I even got to experiment a bit with some of the messages I hadn't done much with after I'd recovered the file. Everything is working perfectly again, and the file I rewrote was pretty much the most fundamental core part of the process, so I'm pretty sure I got all the parts back where they belonged.

When I got home, I discovered that the commentary I recorded with Mom for a video desynchronizes a bit during the loading screens. I think I can work around that, but it'll take a while to find the parts where I want to split the video, figure out the offset for each part, and write the script to put it all together. I need to get it posted by Christmas Eve. Should be doable if I devote enough time to it before the weekend. My plans for the actual weekend will depend on the weather, so I may not have much time then to work on it, and if I do head up to Indy, I could potentially not make it back until after Christmas. Well, there are at least two evenings left to get the work done, and I've got a bit of time tonight if the videos I'm trying to watch ever finish loading. Some of the video streaming sites have been really slow tonight. I thought maybe it was because I bought NES Remix for the Wii U, which I highly recommend. It's got some interesting challenges based on classic NES games. Just watch for when it spawns an enemy right in your face.

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