Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Cleaning my bedroom is like looking back at my life five years ago

I decided to go light on the housework today and focus on getting a video done, since that was supposed to be my focus for this vacation. (Well, I was always also going to do some housework, but I think I did a lot more than I expected to.) I still completely cleared out one of the two DVD shelves in my room and filled it with games, and took care of shredding a bunch more paper and throwing out a few more boxes I don't need anymore. I'm still shuffling a few bags and boxes of stuff I want to keep around to get where I want to go, but that's better than not having any means to get stuff out of my way at all. The next goal is to finish clearing the floor space in my room of anything I can get rid of, and then I'll start working on the closets so I have places to put the things I need to keep. I also used the time as an excuse to finish watching Invasion of the Dinosaurs, which was the last Third Doctor serial I hadn't seen.

The snow has started falling, and there's a winter storm warning all day tomorrow. I got an extra sub from Subway for lunch tomorrow so I won't have to go out, and I've got enough stuff that I can make dinner if it's too dangerous to drive anywhere. This is the extent of my planning ahead.

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