Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I hate the way cleaning never seems to be very effective until it's completely done.

Well, I certainly didn't get done everything I was hoping to today, but what I managed was a lot, and if I needed to get to any particular part of my room, I could probably just move some stuff around and get there. I got the second bookcase assembled and moved a few books into it, but since the main intention was to get my own room clean, I brought up some trash bags and moved the stacks of games under my computer tray so I could get to the shredder and dispose of some paperwork and other garbage. Including the bag that was mostly full of materials and trash from the furniture we built, I filled three bags and there's still plenty of stuff to throw away. Not likely to be a full bag, but enough to be worth another trip. I also threw out a bunch of old boxes I hope I won't need anymore and took the old, useless computers to the recycling center at last, as well as the small TV/VCR with the broken remote sensor. I've got a bigger one still sitting up in the library that I can use if I ever get the urge to watch one of the few VHS tapes I have left. I'll have to move it somewhere else eventually, but that will have to wait until I have a place to move it to. There are plenty more boxes in the library to throw away, and that might somehow free up space to put the TV in the closet. Speaking of which, my bedroom closet offers some possibilities for cleaning. But since everything in there is out of the way for now, I'll leave that until later.

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