Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I can't make my 40 minute video shorter by enough to be worth it

Today's Bridge: My side got the worst of it today. I ended up playing 3NT in the final hand - I should have corrected to 4C. I had S x-x-x H 2 D J-x-x C A-10-x-x-x-x and didn't want to risk bidding that extra trick. Keith's hand was S A-Q-J-x H A-Q-9 D A-x-x-x C J-x. It's not the worst pair of hands, but the missing honors really hurt us and I don't have any good entries to my hands to try running finesses. Even though the heart king was onside, the split was 6-2, so we lost four hearts as well as two diamonds, a club, and the king of spades. In clubs, we should be able to get away with losing the spade, one diamond (sluffing a loser from my hand on a heart honor), and hopefully only two clubs. There's a shot at getting away with only one club loser, but I don't think the cards fall that way.

I played a bit more with the device at work, but didn't discover anything new - I noticed that grounding the "Remote On/Off" pin made it stop responding at all, which is pretty much what I expected, so that's good. I'm way behind on things I need to do around the house, so it'll be a busy weekend, but at least I have a weekend. I also put in for my leave for the rest of the year, just to make sure it's on the books by the deadline - if it gets canceled, I may have a case to have it reinstated for next year. I'm told that it won't be approved, but considering that it covers probably the entirety of the final pay period of the year, it's really impossible to reschedule after the fact.

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