Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

nVidia just breaks everything. I should probably just get a new graphics card again.

Today's Bridge: We had a branch meeting and social event today, so I brought the cards with me, and I was planning to pretend that I was confused and thought "BYOB" stood for "Bring Your Own Bridge", but the branch manager told us to play cards if that was how we wanted to socialize, so we did. I don't remember many of the hands very well - there was one where I was looking at trying to crossruff with my seven-card club suit, but I decided that if either opponent had four clubs, the contract was dead anyway, so I cashed the top three clubs, even as Dan H. dropped the jack, then the ten - indeed, he had the nine as well and I made the contract exactly. I also failed to set a 4H when Dan H. ran a diamond trick through my void before pulling trump. I was determined to keep my K-x trump holding intact so I could get the guaranteed king, but it turned out that my partner had the ace and we would have set the contract with that trick.

Today's Work: I got the cable, and as I predicted, I can't communicate with the device. We didn't get video either, so we're wondering whether there's another signal we need to send or maybe a pin we need to ground. I'll have to ask my manager whether he still wants me on this decidedly non-software issue or whether I should move to something else. There may be a few other ways we can approach the problem rather than just poking at the cable.

An nVidia update failed on my desktop, and after restoring from a backup, the old crackling problem is back, where the audio starts to crackle after a while and muting the sound fixes it temporarily. I don't remember how I fixed it before, but I may have to experiment with the driver updates I have and see whether installing one of those might work.

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