Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

I like playing with technology, but some types of playing are more fun than others

I haven't written an entry in the past few days, have I? Bridge on Friday wasn't particularly memorable for me - the only hand I remembered even at the time was when Raymond opened a strong 2C and Ken joked that if Keith thought that was an acceptable contract, he could pass. He did. We offered to let him make a different bid, but he insisted on letting it stand, so Raymond played the contract with short trump. He was impressively only off one - tough to say whether he had a chance to make it or not.

Work has been interesting if only because I have a programming task - granted, I haven't done any design work yet, but right now, I'm just writing a backend to conform to an ICD and some debug code so I can print the message data permanently. I don't think there's any need for a design document for that. That will be enough to test communication with the device, and once that works, I'll expand the backend to provide an interface for the messages and properly design the frontend.

I had a bit of an adventure with my HDMI switch this weekend - it was working fine with the PS3 when I first hooked it up, but after switching to Component to record, when I switched back to HDMI, it stopped working through the switch. The XMB dashboard is fine, but as soon as I start a game (at least, Lollipop Chainsaw) or try messing with certain display options, it stops showing the signal. Occasionally, I get bleedover from the PC if it's on. For now, I've just moved the PS3 to the other port on my TV. I've got a few ideas for things I might be able to try, but the current arrangement works. At least, I'd rather spend my time playing games or editing video than messing with video settings.

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