Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

At least I can still do commentary, although not very well

Today was off to an okay start, with everything at work going mostly as well as it ever does, and then my throat started hurting even more than it did before. Suddenly, the pain just flared up and it was hurting even when I didn't do the things that used to make it hurt - those made it hurt a lot more. I ran out to the car for my ibuprofen and took a double dose, but when that didn't help, I figured it was time to head back to the clinic, despite the meetings I'd miss. Thanks to recent events, I'm able to accept that sometimes, my health is more important than my responsibilities at work. The doctor was concerned that the antibiotics haven't had any effect on my condition and prescribed a different one, as well as a painkiller that may work more effectively once I get it - the pharmacy said they'd have to order it, and it should be ready tomorrow evening. The ibuprofen may be working in the meantime, or maybe this afternoon was just a temporary flare. I'm hoping that the antibiotic is already working. It may be too early to tell after just one dose. Whatever's happening, the pain has subsided to what I'm used to from the past few weeks, at least while the ibuprofen is still effective. It's back to counseling tomorrow morning, which means I can stay in bed for a few more snooze cycles and don't have to do all of my work preparation before leaving the house, so I can give the medicine more time to work. Then back to my actual job to see what catching up I need to do.

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