Nidoking (nidoking) wrote,

Yes, this includes Equestria Girls. I may even watch that tomorrow.

I'm back home, and there's an entire day of weekend left before I return to work. It's been a weird few days. At least I was back in my element at Best Buy. I picked up a few things I've been wanting for quite a while, plus a few more that caught my eye and were priced right. I also got a new water bottle to replace the one I dropped at the clinic yesterday - it still holds water, but the bottom has bulged outward, which makes it wobble when it's standing up. I wouldn't trust it. The new one's neat and has a push-button spout.

I'm lazing around instead of doing things like watching the new Legend of Korra episode or playing my new games, but that's what tomorrow is for. That's why I came back today instead of staying at Mom's house tonight. Also, everyone but me had to take a nap, and that would probably have been boring. I never made it to any bookstores, but I've got plenty of books left to read. I'll just have more manga than usual to buy when I make it back up there - as in, some manga.

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